Dynamic Business Model and Feature Set

Dynamic CDN Feature Set Development A few years ago, the development of a strategic feature like DSA or FEO  would have taken 12-24 months to go from concept to roll out. CDNs were slow to innovate, and they had the

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Yottaa Shy of Being in the Ten of Millions Annually

Yottaa, the Boston-based CDN which launched in 2009 and raised $29M in VC, continues on the path of transformation. Recently, Vick Viren Vaishnavi joined the company as CEO, having previously worked at EMC and BMC Software. Vic has experience building

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Cyber Security Concerns: Space and Drones

David Livingstone, an Associate Fellow focused on International Security for Chatham House, recently published an illuminating article entitled The Intersection of Space and Cyber Security is a Growing Concern. The article, which begins by recounting the recent attack sustained by

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