Akamai & Fastly SDN Model for Network Operators


Akamai vs Fastly SDN Business Models

In this analysis, we’ll compare the Akamai+Juniper SDN offering to a start-up CDN+SDN offering. For this example, we’ll use Fastly, since they are one of a handful of start-up CDNs that support video streaming (VOD & Live). In order to compete with Akamai, any start-up CDN would have to sell a complete instance of their CDN to the network operator (including source code & intellectual property). For the CDN start-up, it will be a way to dramatically increase sales, and for network operators flush with cash, they will own the CDN infrastructure instance, and not be locked into any particular vendor.

  • Juniper’s SDN product is the Contrail Controller and it’s geared toward Juniper, unlike OpenDaylight and Project Flood Light
  • Akamai offers a license for the Aura CDN product to network operators
  • Network operators that deploy Akamai+Juniper are tied to Akamai+Juniper
  • Start-up CDNs like Fastly can take their CDN+SDN and sell it as an instance to network operators
  • Start-up CDNs can charge tens of millions of dollars for a CDN instance that allows network operator to use for themselves only (no resale)
  • Network operators that buy the start-up CDN instance for VOD delivery, own the source code, feature set, and so on

Ak vs Start-up CDN

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