CDN + Security + SDN Ecosystem Diagram v13


Bizety is publishing version 13 of the CDN Ecosystem Diagram. Rev Software has been added, and also a handful of SDN+NFV vendors, most notably Big Switch Networks, one of the leading pioneers of SDN. Recently, Akamai and Juniper formed a partnership that created the first SDN+CDN offering for Network Operators, and it is a game changer because it opens up a huge potential market for CDNs. Transparent caching platforms like PeerApp and Qwilt are powerful platforms that have enabled Network Operators to build mini-CDNs in their local market. However, the poster boy for all VOD platforms is Netflix, and if Network Operators want a Netflix like platform in their network they will have to build a CDN from the ground up, thus SDN enables them to do that for less money and a faster time to market.


  • Rev Software: Just launched a mobile CDN / wireless last mile acceleration CDN platform
  • SDN / NFV: Big Switch Networks, Brocade, Juniper, Ciena and Alcatel-Lucent have been added as a category

CDN Ecosystem Diagram 13

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