Cool Startup: Rev Software


Rev Software is a startup based out of San Jose CA, cofounded in 2012 by Jerry Hall and Jonathan Bosanac, with a focus in mobile last mile acceleration. With over $4M raised in private funding, the company offers CDN services and mobile last-mile acceleration called MdotCDN. Rev offers all the typical CDN services, including small file acceleration, instant purge, WAF, DDoS Mitigation, SSL, Rules Engine, reporting, analytics and robust dashboards. Now, however, customers have the option of adding this new feature “MdotCDN” to their CDN services. For those customers that already have an existing CDN contract in place, Rev plugs right in and acts as an overlay network.

According to benchmarks made by the team at Rev, the last mile mobile accelerator has proven to be up to 75% faster than competitors, can accelerate encrypted content, and is compatible with any CDN. Every optimization is processed uniquely, as it comes in to most aptly fit the customer’s specifications. That gives customers the ability to create unique content for each and every end user regardless of the volume of customers. It’s exciting to see another innovation-driven CDN enter the Ecosystem because there aren’t enough today. Rev Software eats and sleep mobile last mile acceleration, and the features they have created so far prove they are unique in the vast ecosystem.

Company Background

  • Company: Rev Software
  • Started: 2012
  • Raised: $4 Million
  • HQ: San Jose, CA
  • CDN PoP Count: 22
  • LinkedIn Employee Count: 17+
  • Leadership: Jerry Hall (CEO), Jonathan Bosanac (CPO), Dr. Jacob Jorgensen (CTO), Victor Gartvich (VP Product Operations), Christopher Wong (CRO), Roger Tharp (CFO) and Sreeni Tellakula (VP Engineering)
  • Product: MdotCDN, a cloud-based acceleration service that provides up to a 2X improvement in mobile last mile content delivery performance


  • Accelerated delivery for both web apps and native/hybrid apps
  • Adaptive, end-to-end mobile acceleration with a focus on the last mile
  • No software needed on the handset
  • Combines historic (RUM) and realtime visibility with realtime action
  •  Each end-user content request is dynamically optimized uniquely
  • Platform addresses the highly variable latency in the mobile last mile to ensure as much of the content as possible is accelerated
  • Rev is able to direct 3rd party content to its edge server for last mile delivery
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