European CDNs – It’s Your Turn


The European technology scene is bustling with new CDN start-ups. They come from different countries and backgrounds. Here is a sample of the European CDNs 1) Pure-play CDNs: KeyCDN, CDN77, StreamZilla, Octoshape, and CDNify 2) Media based CDNs: Arkena 3) Telcos with CDN Assets: Hibernia and Telefonica 4) Cloud Hosting w/ CDN Assets: LeaseWeb. All of the CDNs mentioned above have made great strides in establishing themselves over the last 16 months. They are about one year behind US based CDNs in terms of feature set innovation and product depth. However, in 2015 US based CDNs are going widen the feature set innovation gap unless European CDNs respond by matching US CDN innovation. We believe 2015 is going to be the year of the European CDN.

A couple of European pure-play CDNs are going to step up and surprise everyone by creating a feature set we haven’t seen before. Once that happens, all other European CDNs will follow suit. Europe is a hotbed of innovation. After all, Docker, FFMPeg, Linux and many game changing innovations came from Europe. In 2015 we’ll see the European version of Instart Logic, Aryaka Networks, Fastly or CloudFlare come to be. Arkena is almost there. If they could somehow take their robust digital media feature set and bring it over to their CDN platform, that would be a disruptor. Last time we checked, Arkena had features that not even Level 3 or Akamai had in product portfolio.

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