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Cyan started in 2006 and offers a comprehensive suite of SDN applications for carriers, network operators, cable operators, and data center companies. Cyan is a Silver Member of the OpenDaylight project, the largest global SDN open source organization, which includes the likes of Cisco, IBM, Juniper, Ciena and Red Hat. Its SDN product is called Blue Planet, and it’s comprised of multiple applications including the most critical piece, the control plane. It seems the smaller SDN players like Cyan are on a similar growth trajectory to the start-up CDN. For example, Cyan generated $40M in annual revenue in five years. What CDN generated almost identical revenue in five years? CloudFlare.


  • Company: Cyan, Inc.
  • HQ: Petaluma, CA
  • Founded: 2006
  • Went public: 7 years after launch
  • 2013 Revenues: $116M
  • 2012 Revenues: $95M
  • 2011 Revenues: $40M
  • Employee Count: 315
  • Market Cap: $108M
  • Leadership: Mark Floyd (CEO) and Michael Hatfield (Co-founder & President)
  • Product: Comprehensive SDN Application Suite and Carrier Optical Switches
  • Supports: Cisco ASR’s and Juniper MX routers

 Product Features

  • Blue Planet Platform: SDN Software Platform consisting of a suite of applications that cater specifically to network operators
  • Blue Planet applications include Orchestrate, Operate, View, Inventory and Design
  • Planet Orchestrate: SDN & NFV application that accelerates provisioning of virtual and physical services – storage, compute, networking and apps across WAN and cloud – managed from single pane of glass
  • Planet Operate (Control Plane): Carrier application enables the management of multiple network layers. Helps with problem resolution, service availability, accounting, accounting, security and multi-vendor provisioning
  • Planet View: App that does performance monitoring and SLA assurance. Allows customers to access real-time and historical performance data
  • Planet Inventory: Application that offers asset and circuit inventory across a multi-vendor network
  • Planet Design: Application for point-and-click network design
  • Z-Series: Carrier-grade optical switches that support wavelength and carrier Ethernet
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