Snapshot of VC Funding for Startup CDNs


Venture Capitalist continue to pour money into the CDN industry, bringing the new total to $296M. The two latest entrants are Zenedge and Rev Software. Both start-ups raised more money than CloudFlare at inception. Zenedge is laser focused on comprehensive security, and aims to compete with the Goliath Palo Alto Networks. Rev Software is developing the most robust wireless last mile content acceleration solution in the entire industry. Based on the data below, these two start-ups are likely to raise VC funding in the range of $10M to $20M each on the next round, which would raise the total raised to $340M.

Venture Funding for CDNs
CDN Found HQ Seed Series A B C D Debt Total
Instart logic 2010 M. View N/A $9M $17M $26M N/A N/A $52M
Aryaka 2009 Milpitas $9.2M $14M $15M $25M $10M $8M $81.2M
Fastly 2011 San Fran N/A $4M $10M $40M N/A N/A $54M
Cloudflare 2009 San Fran N/A $2.1M $20M $50M N/A N/A $72.1M
Yottaa 2009 Boston N/A $4M $9M $16M N/A N/A $29M
Zenedge 2014 LA  N/A  3.5M  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  $3.5M
Rev Sftwr 2012 San Jose  $4M  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  $4M
 $13.2M $36.6M $71M $157M $10M $8M $295.8

*source – crunchbase

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