Reflecting on the CDN + CyberSecurity + SDN Industry


2014 is going down as the most innovative period in CDN history, where CDNs began to transform themselves from being a commoditized caching/streaming service play, to a hybrid cloud global infrastructure entity offering complex solutions in Cyber Security, SDN, WAN Services and Content Exchange. In 2015, CDN innovation will take a major leap forward, and the CDNs of in 4th QTR 2015 will look nothing like the CDNs of 2014. Here are some thoughts on the industry.

Reflection on the CDN + SDN + CybserSecurity Trends

  • CDN feature set of WAF, DSA, FEO, Instant Purge/Cache, Log Streaming, HLS, Dumb DDoS Mitigation Services, and 1st Gen of SDN+CDN is old news now. Dozens of new features will be rolled out in the new year
  • More CDNs will start charging monthly platform fees for value added services because the price/GB model has bottomed out
  • Akamai is becoming more dominant. No CDN has made a dent in their armor including Amazon, Level 3, EdgeCast or Limelight
  • CDN Ecosystem is no longer a $4B industry that includes only pure-play CDNs, it’s a massive industry that touches nine other technology sectors
  • In 2014, CDNs offered dumb DDoS Mitigation Services
  • In 2015, CDNs will offer highly intelligent DDoS Mitigation Services that incorporate machine-learning capabilities, algorithm-based technology, and big data analysis to stop APT’s
  • CDNs will embrace SDN architecture, and develop features that rivals the SDN innovation of Cisco, IBM, Dell and others
  • Google, Apple, Comcast, Yahoo, and Netflix are in the CDN business, and they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on CDN infrastructure
  • Network Operators, Mobile Operators and Cable Operators are also in the CDN business. They spend massive amounts on internal CDN like infrastructures
  • CDNs are the new “Network Operators of the Middle Mile
  • CDN CyberSecurity feature set will continue to evolve and become more like Palo Alto Networks, Bromium and FireEye

Content Delivery Networks Touch Ten Different Industries

New CDN Ecosystem

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