Bizety Adding Bare-Metal Hardware Coverage to the Mix


Bare-metal ServerQuick update from Bizety. We are now covering the Bare-metal Commodity Hardware trends along with SDN and CyberSecurity. SDN + Bare-metal Hardware innovation has reached a major milestone, and its going to impact all CDN caching architectures. Check out the specs on this server, it’s revolutionary when you add the Mellanox Dual-Port 100Gbps Ethernet NIC. That means each server is capable of 200Gbps of throughput. Multiply that by seventeen 2RU servers in a rack, and that’s 3.4Tbs of throughput capacity. That’s enough to give an Arista a run for the money.

  • 2RU Bare-Metal Server w/ 2 Intel Xeon E5-2695 (16 Core)
  • 512GB of RAM (16 x 32GB DDR3), which will support 1TB of RAM when the 64GB RAM Modules come out
  • 12 x 1TB SSD = 12TBs
  •  Mellanox  ConnectX – 4EN with Dual-Port 100Gbps Ethernet NIC = 200Gbps of capacity
  • 17 x 2RU Servers = 34 Units + 7RU Arista = 41RU
  • Total CDN Rack Specs:  34 CPUs (272 Cores), 17TBs of RAM, 204TB of SSD and 3.4Tbps of Bandwidth Capacity
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