Last Mile & Middle Mile Acceleration, Meet CDN Rack Acceleration


CDN’s have been touting last mile and middle mile acceleration technologies for the last several years. DSA, FEO and Wireless Last Mile Acceleration was front line news for almost every CDN. Today however, FEO, DSA and Wireless Last Mile Acceleration must make room for CDN Rack Acceleration, courtesy of SDN + Bare-metal Hardware innovation. SDN + NFV + High Performance Bare-metal Hardware will force change in the CDN architecture, especially since it directly impacts content delivery performance. The SDN + Bare-Metal Hardware innovation in the data center (switching fabric, routing and compute) is nothing short of astounding.

How many fully loaded CDN Racks from 2011 does it take to match the CDN Rack of 2015? Three, four or five. Fastly was the first CDN to go on-record and spill the architecture beans on their bare-metal CDN Rack architecture, which combines bare-metal servers and Arista’s deployed in Pod and core manner. The Pod architecture was pioneered by none-other than Facebook and Google. It’s been long overdue, but SDN + Bare-Metal innovation has finally caught on to CDN feature set innovation.

Leaf / Spine CDN PoP Rack Architecture


CDN Leaf Spine Archiectecture

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