CDN + SDN + Cyber Security Ecosystem Diagram V14


Happy New Year. Bizety is publishing the 14th edition of the CDN Ecosystem Diagram. The Ecosystem has been updated to reflect the changes over the last year. The diagram is noisy, but rich in concept, and includes CDNs, Cyber Security, SDN and Bare-metal companies. Today, there are two general based CDNs with global infrastructures that offer the entire feature set from WAF to DSA, FEO, RTMP, HLS, Encoding, and so on – those two CDNs are Akamai and EdgeCast. Limelight has shifted from being everything to everyone to a Digital Media Service CDN, thus directly competing with Level 3 in their core niche. All other CDNs focus in a specific area whether its wireless last mile, WAN as-a-service, eCommerce, small file delivery, cyber security, etc. Keep in mind that categorizing all the players in the Ecosystem is extremely challenging, but the diagram does give some clarity to our industry.

Updates From Last Diagram

  • Transparent Caching: Qwilt, SwiftServe and Ericsson have been added
  • APAC CDNs: China Unicom, China Telecom and Alibaba have been added
  • Network Operators: Although this does not include all Operators, it includes a few active Operators that represent the industry as a whole
  • Bare-metal: Hardware Commodity Server & Switch Manufacturers have been added
  • SDN: Cumulus Networks, Plaribus Networks and Avi Networks have been added

CDN Ecosystem Diagram 14

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