Bizety Subscription Services Coming Next Week


Bizety is starting a new IT Research subscription service next week called Bizety Members. We are taking all of our experiences, and everything we learned from our research efforts, and creating a paid subscription service that offers highly focused market insight into our industry. The key differentiator is that we’ll offer the most relevant, timely, organized, focused, and insightful analysis on the entire content delivery infrastructure ecosystem.

The mission of the research is to assist companies become more agile, responsive, innovative and successful in their mission to change the world. As many are aware, many separate technology sectors are collapsing into each other, and major disruptions are in the making. Just like in the telecommunications industry where voice, video, and data converged, creating new ecosystems, companies and technologies in the process, the same is happening in the CDN Ecosystem. The CDN industry is much more than just caching, streaming and acceleration, CDN is now about Cyber Security at the Edge, SDN at the Edge, Bare-metal Hardware at the Edge, Wireless Last Mile, WAN as-a-service and Edge Computing at the Last Mile.

Our research will be in the form of a 12-15 page weekly research newsletter, that tracks and monitors the activities of 66 leading CDNs, SDNs, Cyber Security firms and DDoS Mitigation Service Providers. In addition, we are going to be analyzing and commenting on the strategy of a company every other week. The target audience for the subscription services are B2B companies, including CDNs, Network Operators, Carriers, Cable Operators, Mobile Operators, Cloud Companies, Service Providers, Network Appliance Manufacturers and Investment Research Organizations. We are going to offer monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.

The companies we are going to be tracking are the following: Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, Imperva, Bromium, Proofpoint, Bit9, Plexxi, Big Switch, Avi Networks, Plaribus Networks, Cumulus Networks, Vesa Networks, Neustar, Arbor Networks, Radware, Verisign, Black Lotus, F5 Networks, Akamai, EdgeCast, Level 3, Amazon, Azure, Google CDN, CloudFlare, and all other USA Based CDNs, European CDNs, APAC CDNs, and so on. If interested, please reach out to us at support @ bizety com.

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