The CDN Dating Game


Who says money doesn’t grow on trees. According to the illustration below, not only does money grow on trees, so does love. Here are some cute couples that can possibly hit it off in 2015. Now we are randomly picking three superb CDNs and playing matchmaker. Disclosure: I’m not a Financial Analyst, and have a hard time adding, so please do not use this rant as intelligence for investment purposes. Thanks bro.  

  • CloudFlare: They have built a beautiful business in the cut throat industry, and have done a few things no one else has. Are they worth a billion? Why not. But now that they are in the B club, only two companies in the world make sense, Yahoo and Google. Yahoo, because although it has a CDN, CloudFlare would strengthen their CDN efforts. Plus, Yahoo would monetize those 1.9M customers like there was no tomorrow. But CloudFlare would also be a good addition to Google, in that 2M customers would go a heck of a long way in taking on the big bad boy Amazon.
  • Fastly: This startup is on the fast lane to stardom. They have done a fantastic job in the CDN industry, and Fastly would totally put Apple’s CDN ambitions on the same playing field as Netflix. Apple’s CDN experiment must come to an end soon, and Fastly’s comprehensive CDN platform built for dynamic content and video, would take Apple in a whole new direction.
  • Aryaka Networks: The winner of the Bizety 2014 Annual CDN Award, is so awesome, being that they invented the B2B CDN business running over a private network, or WAN as-a-service. No other company on the planet would be a better fit than IBM. IBM lacks a CDN, and Aryaka would not only give it a B2C and B2B CDN play, but its also a nice product to take on Cisco in the WAN market, and Amazon in the cloud space.


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