Traditional CDN Business Models Giving Way to New Service Models


In 2015, the traditional CDN business model will continue to evolve into new service models, and CDNs will continue to disrupt the traditional incumbent business models. Cisco WAN products are a traditional business model, Aryaka Networks is the new WAN service model. Deluxe is the traditional Content Exchange model, MediaSilo and Aframe are the new service models. The traditional vendor business models are going to face more uncertainty this year, unless they embrace global cloud service models that can compete with CDN service models. F5 Networks and Radware Cloud DDoS Mitigation Services, with a few scrubbing centers doesn’t count. The takeaway: CDN is  no longer about caching, streaming, transcoding and WAF; it’s about new service models encroaching incumbent business models.

2015 CDN Business Models

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