Instart Logic Grows Sales by 5x in 2014


Instart Logic, the high flying start-up offering Cloud Application Delivery Services, just reported a phenomenal 2014, growing sales by 5x, and increasing the number of high volume websites using its SDAD technology platform to four hundred. Instart Logic invented Software-Defined Application Delivery, a new method of delivering website content and business applications over the last-mile and wireless last-mile, via a global cloud infrastructure. The more impressive part is that those websites are pushing high volumes of traffic.

Instart Logic’s customers include Nasty Gal, Bare Necessities, Shutterstock, The Washington Post and Evite. In addition, Instart Logic doubled its employee count, added deep expertise at the executive level, and increased its PoP count to 35.  Based on the percentage of sales growth, Instart Logic is the fastest growing CDN in the world, eclipsing CloudFlare, Aryaka Networks and pretty much everyone else. That’s very impressive, and if they can do the same in 2015 and grow sales by 5x, I’ll pitch in a thousand bucks from my own pocket to buy pizza for the Instart Logic gang.

Instart Logic Achievements

  • 5x Sales Growth in 2014
  • 400+ high-volume websites using its platform
  • PoP count increased to 35
  • Number of employees doubled
  • Customers: Nasty Gal, Bare Necessities, Shutterstock, The Washington Post and Evite
  • Former Cisco Exec David Hsieh joined company as VP of Marketing
  • Dan Boneh, Stanford Professor and CyberSecurity expert, joined their advisory board
  • Filed close to 40 Patents
  • Rolled out a new Security Suite for mitigating DDoS and Web Application Attacks
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