B2C & B2B Cyber Security CDN Business Models


Another one bites the dust, and Anthem joins the non-exclusive club of breached entities, whose members include Chase, Home Depot, and thousands more. In the meantime, we can discuss the “yet to come” 4th Generation Cyber Security CDN. Here is a snapshot of four different generations of Cyber Security CDN:

  • 1st Gen: Traditional CDN with basic built-in DDoS protection capabilities
  • 2nd Gen: CDN like CloudFlare that offers CDN + WAF
  • 3rd Gen: CDN like Incapsula that offers CDN + WAF + Imperva Feature Set
  • 4th Gen: In the making

The 4th Gen Cyber Security CDN is going to develop a security feature set that is orders of magnitude more advanced than anything in the market place today. Based on the state of our ecosystem, its at least 5-10 years away. However, here is a hint of what it will look like: Take Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, Shape Security, BioCatch, Splunk and Akamai, throw them in a blender, and there you have it, the 4th Gen Cyber Security CDN (illustrated below).

Shape Security offers a “Botwall” that disguises the login prompt code, and tricks automated bots into thinking its just plain text. BioCatch records click mouse activity, mouse movements, and other behaviors, then creates a profile for an individual user, enabling their system to tell the difference between that specific user, and cyber criminal. Now add these features with a FireEye type platform, SIEM like Splunk, in the CDN last mile, and we get the idea.

 Next-Gen Cyber Security Feature Sets + CDN

  • Palo Alto Networks – App ID
  • Akamai – CDN + Web Application Firewall
  • FireEye – Advanced Threat Protection
  • Shape Security – Botwall & Polymorphism
  • BioCatch ( IAM) – Biometric Authentication
  • Splunk – SIEM

B2C B2B Cyber Security CDN

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