The Most Interesting CDN in the World, CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a rebel, and they thrive on breaking the rules, because it’s engrained within their DNA. That is the sole reason why CloudFlare is the most recognizable CDN brand name in the world, because they take the non-traditional approach. CloudFlare’s bravado behavior makes Matthew Prince the most interesting man in the world, and CloudFlare, the most interesting CDN in the world. One day, Mr. Prince is hobnobbing with the world’s top leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, educating folks about cyber threats and mitigation services, and another day CloudFlare is hosting The Pirate Bay, part 2 that is.

If there were two phrases that could describe CloudFlare, it would be “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, and “they can have their cake and eat it to” 🙂 Is there anything wrong with this approach? Absolutely not. In fact, we are very fortunate to have someone like CloudFlare in our Ecosystem, because it makes it more entertaining. The boxing world has never been the same without Mike Tyson, and neither has the technology industry, without Larry Ellison feuding against the competition, and the same is likely to happen once CloudFlare sells for a billion dollars +. That’s why CloudFlare is the only CDN in the Ecosystem that can do whatever it wants, and still be successful, whether its giving away CDN services and SSL Certs for free, hosting the Pirate Bay, hosting booter services (DDoS for hire), hosting Lizard Kids, or educating the world’s leaders at the most prestigious forums globally. Thank you Mr. Prince for doing something we never thought was possible.

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2 thoughts on “The Most Interesting CDN in the World, CloudFlare”

  1. I have a serious issue with this vision. What would you say if the police chief in your city was giving free accommodations to well know criminals? That wouldn’t be right init? Why would a security company providing tools for hackers to attack other websites be anything but wrong?

    • It’s actually more like the Constitutional right in the US to burn a flag. Even though it’s abhorrent to do, people have died to give you the freedom to do so. CloudFlare doesn’t decide what domains have the right to exist–it doesn’t examine content or use your info. Its goal is to build a better internet. It stays out of your business, which is a rare thing these days.

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