Instart Logic Introduces SmartSequence, a Breakthrough Technology


Instart Logic, a pioneer in software-defined application delivery, has introduced a new optimization technology called SmartSequence. SmartSequence “leverages machine learning to optimize how HTML and Javascript code are loaded in the browser”. The techniques of machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and algorithm-driven technologies are big in the world of cyber security, where innovation driven companies like FireEye use them to solve the most pressing problems, such as detecting and mitigating unforeseen threats. Instart Logic has taken a similar approach to content delivery, and developed machine learning technologies that solve very complex problems associated with content acceleration, mobile optimization, and the acceleration of dynamic content.

So far, the performance results have been astounding, and Instart Logic continues to raise the bar of innovation to new heights within the ecosystem. No surprises there, since Instart Logic is well funded, and employs scientist from various backgrounds to drive home feature set innovation and product development. These scientist bring fresh out-of-box perspective to the world of content acceleration and optimization. One interesting note that the executive team mentioned on a call last week, is that Instart Logic has gone through various phases in their life cycle. First they learned to crawl, then walk, and finally run. Instart Logic really gets it, and they are executing extremely well, introducing new features and services at a furious pace, getting no rest in between. Working hard, with no rest in between projects, is the only way they might be able to make a dent in Akamai’s $2B armor.

SmartSequence Benefits

  • Leverages cloud-client architecture, the next cloud compute & architecture model in application delivery
  • Based on machine learning techniques that optimizes Javascript and HTML loading in the browser
  • The technology learns the code in the webpages, then builds a behavioral profile from all the interactions happening between the users, website and browser activity, so it can intelligently optimize the flow of content, thus enhancing the customer experience
  • Team of scientist worked diligently over the last year to create SmartSequence
  • Instart Logic scientist were able to solve many of the problems that occurred in the deployment of FEO
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