Akamai Puts The Entire CDN Ecosystem On Notice


During the 2015 Investor Relations Summit, Akamai presented many interesting data points to its audience. Some of the data points were financial in nature, and others emphasized “new features, products, and services” across its various segments, including Media, Security, Network Operator, Wireless, and B2B CDN. Surprisingly, many of the features are innovative, futuristic and well thought out. It seems Akamai is now committed to being a leader in feature-set innovation. Is it possible that Akamai has grown tired of hearing all the buzz in the start-up CDN community, in regards feature-set innovation? The presentation clearly demonstrates that Akamai is gearing up for war against the competition. Listed below are some of the more interesting facts pulled from the Investor Relations Summit presentation.

 Akamai’s Data Points

  • 359 Customers spend over $1M annually
  • Akamai is connected to 1300 networks, 100+ countries, and has 2700 PoPs/locations
  • Cash gross margins increased from 76.9% in 2013 to 78.4% in 2014
  • In 2014, peak traffic on Akamai’s Network was 26Tbps+
  • General Market Stat: Last mile capacity is 10Pbps and Core (Data Centers) capacity is 500Tbps globally. User demand will be 25Pbps in the future, thus not enough capacity in the network to support the user community
  • Ion Premier: A game changer feature in the website performance category
  • 48% of Fortune 500 are customers today
  • 38% of Fortune Global 1000 are customers today
  • Theme is to “Go Deep within Install Base”
  • 86% Carrier Reseller Revenue Growth from 2013 to 2014
  • General Market Stat: FIFA World Cup Traffic increased from 29PB in 2010 to 222PB in 2014
  • General Market Stat: Winter Olympics traffic increased from 12PB in 2010 to 81PB in 2014
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