Limelight Networks Beat Amazon To Market With DDoS Mitigation


Some big news just came out of the Limelight Networks (LLNW) camp. LLNW has just launched the DDoS Attack Interceptor, a DDoS mitigation solution that leverages “several scrubbing centers” located around the world. This is the most significant product launch to come out of LLNW in years. The scrubbing center is the critical piece of last-mile edge defense that filters the good traffic from the bad. Scrubbing centers are very expensive to build, and require massive amounts of specialized hardware, custom software and hundreds of Gbps of IP transit. LLNW joins Akamai, EdgeCast, CloudFlare, Zenedge, Sitelock, Incapsula, and even Level 3 in offering DDoS mitigation services. I say “even Level 3” because Level 3 is first and foremost, a large global telecommunications company, and big telco usually takes eons to roll out new products.

Where is Amazon and their DDoS mitigation solution? Amazon might be the most innovative cloud computing company the world has ever known, but it just got beat to the punch by LLNW and Level 3. With all the DDoS attacks occurring daily in the ecosystem, DDoS mitigation with scrubbing center capability is a bare minimum for all CDNs, and also all global cloud computing companies. It’s no longer “a nice to have” but “oh man, lets drop what we’re doing and get this going now”. If a CDN doesn’t have this capability, then its simply got passed up by the competition. Kudos to LLNW with this cool product. Next on the agenda for LLNW? Web Application Firewall.

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