Content Delivery Infrastructure Ecosystem Diagram 16


One Year Anniversary for CDN Ecosystem Diagram

Its been one year since the CDN Ecosystem Diagram was first published, and what started off as a simple illustration of CDNs, has mushroomed into a fairly complex Ecosystem, where once separate sectors are now converging. Convergence is the name of the game for the next five years. Caching, CDN, 5G LTE, WiFi, RAN, SDN, Wireless Infrastructure, GPON, DDoS Mitigation, CyberSecurity, Content Exchange and Compute all contribute to the Content Delivery Ecosystem in one way or another. The innovations taking place in individual sectors are impacting others sectors, especially when it comes to security, and wireless / wireline last mile.

What does GPON and 5G have to do with a Security based  CDN like CloudFlare? Simple, we’ve heard about the 400Gbps DDoS attack against CloudFlare, what happens when attackers start using GPON enabled homes to launch DDoS Attacks? GPON with 1Gbps upstream speeds is available today in Japan for $50 per month, and it will be only a matter of time before its everywhere. Also, GPON, RAN Acceleration, and 5G are also going to transform the business of film production. In fact, its going to rewrite that business model in 5 years. More to come on that topic soon. To conclude, the goal of the diagram is to illustrate the pieces that make up the complex Content Delivery Infrastructure industry.

Ecosystem Updates

  • GPON: Calix and Solid have been added. Offer Gbps downstream capabilities to the last mile
  • RAN:   Teclo Networks, Saguna Networks, Vasona Networks, and Nokia have been added. Wireless last mile speeds are increasing 50x fold in five years.

CDN Ecosystem 16 Diagram

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