Instart Logic Completely Transforms The Last Mile


110V NanovisorInstart Logic, one of the most innovative start-ups in the content delivery industry has just rolled out the “110V Nanovisor“, a new device that is a definite “game changer” likely to disrupt all CDN business models, once and for all. The 110V Nanovisor revolutionizes the way online businesses transact over the wireless last mile. In the content delivery business, the feature set is the key attribute that defines the CDN, and Instart Logic has just raised the bar to new heights, creating a Google like product that crosses into an entirely new industry. The new device is simple to use. Just plug it into a standard power outlet, and the device converts the “power line into an Ethernet cable”, leveraging unlicensed WiFi spectrum.

Why did Instart Logic create this revolutionary new device? The Instart Logic Executive Team had an “aha” moment, and decided to pivot into a new direction, because wireless is just “too slow”. Thereafter, the team went back to the drawing board, and drew from its extensive experience in big data, virtualization, open source and infrastructure, to create this cool gadget. The 110V Nanovisor takes the Instart Logic’s Software-defined Application Delivery (SDAD) model to a whole new level, where SDAD is packaged into a physical device, enabled by electricity. The 110V Nanovisor is SDAD + CDN “plug-in-play” in a stick, if you will. Kudos to the Instart Logic team for this great invention. The new device will be available at CompUSA, Radio Shack and Circuit City. (4/2/15 – April Fools)

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