Measuring Innovation in the CDN Ecosystem


Measuring innovation within the Content Delivery Infrastructure Ecosystem is a very difficult task. Therefore, we’ll give it a shot. We created a diagram that classifies companies into categories of innovation, with # 1 being the most innovative. The best way to measure innovation is to compare companies against each other. The #1 group are hell bent on innovation, continuously introducing new features and services, and betting the house on it. The #2 group are the companies doing a great job at innovation, learning how its done from the # 1 group. Finally, the # 3 group is content in life, and their position in the marketplace. Sometimes companies elect to follow the leaders, creating features after they’ve been on the market for a while, as there is nothing wrong with the safe approach.

Categorizing Innovation

  • #1 Group: Includes public companies like Akamai, and start-ups like Aryaka Networks, who plans on going public, and totally disrupting the global WAN sector, creating a multi-billion dollar behemoth in the process
  • # 2 Group: Includes companies like Level 3. Level 3 is a large global carrier innovating at a furious pace for a company of its size, having recently developed Content Exchange and DDoS Mitigation capabilities
  • # 3 Group: Includes companies like Highwinds and Internap. They are doing well financially, and playing the game conservatively. They don’t have grand plans of disrupting entire markets, and taking over the world

CDN Innovation Arc

  • We don’t take company size or amount of R&D into consideration, since a lot of the innovation is done at the start-up level
  • Diagram doesn’t include every company in the Ecosystem
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