Snapshot – Funding in the CDN Ecosystem


Money continues to flow into the US CDN Ecosystem. Recently, four start-ups have received a total of $43.6M in VC funding. Aryaka Networks landed $16M to help expand operations, and Yotta added another $10M in December.  Two new players enter the sector, Kwicr and Twin Prime. Twin Prime bills itself as “the only data acceleration solution that addresses the problems introduced by mobile networks” and Kwicr as “the worlds first mobile delivery network”. Both are interesting propositions. In a nutshell, Twin Prime and Kwicr offer an SDK that optimizes mobile app acceleration in the wireless last mile, like an Nginx for the mobile device, if you will. They don’t have CDN PoP infrastructure, but they are an important component of the overall delivery infrastructure. The biggest difference between Twin Prime, Kwicr and Rev Software is the Rev Software has CDN PoP infrastructure. Kwicr and Twin Prime introduce a new business model to ecosystem. Here’s the latest funding news for the CDN Ecosystem.

Recent Updates to CDN Funding Matrix
  • Aryaka Networks – received $16M in Series E on 3/08/15
  • Yottaa – received $10.4M on 12/31/2014. Series type not mentioned
  • Kwicr – received $8.1M and it out of beta
  • Twin Prime – received $9.5M in Series A on 3/18/2015
Venture Funding for CDN Ecosystem
CDN Found Seed Series A B C D Debt / E
Instart logic 2010 N/A $9M $17M $26M N/A N/A $52M
Aryaka 2009 $9.2M $14M $15M $25M $10M $8M / $16M $97.2M
Fastly 2011 N/A $4M $10M $40M N/A N/A $54M
Cloudflare 2009 N/A $2.1M $20M $50M N/A N/A $72.1M
Yottaa 2009 N/A $4M $9M $16M $10.4M N/A $39.4M
Zenedge 2014  N/A  3.5M  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  $3.5M
Rev Sft 2012  $4M  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  $4M
Kwicr 2012 $1.6M $6.5M N/A N/A N/A N/A $8.1M
Twin Prime 2012 N/A $9.5M N/A N/A N/A N/A $9.5M
 $14.8M $52.6M $71M $157M $20.4M $24M $339.8

*source – crunchbase

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