BOOM! Instart Logic Raises $43M in Expansion Round


Instart Logic raises a monster $43M round bringing its total to $95M. Instart Logic has currently raised more funding than its neighbor CloudFlare. The industry momentum is currently blowing in the direction of Instart Logic. They’ve been in business for five years, and raised almost $100M, which means that Fortune 500 companies can now bank their online business on Instart Logic being around for a long time. According to their exec team, the funding will be used to scale R&D and increase international operations.

Since their founding, Instart Logic has made it part of their DNA to go directly after Akamai. The $100M in funding will definitely help in battling the competition, especially in the large enterprise accounts. Funding always helps provide ammunition to a company’s Sales Machine in competitive situations. For Instart Logic, it will help them elevate their story. In terms of industry impact, this round is a good sign for the whole industry, as it demonstrates there is an investment appetite for CDN like start-ups. In addition, Instart Logic hired three key executive from the ranks of Cisco and others. Congrats to the Instart Logic team on this major accomplishment.

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