European Pure-play: KeyCDN


KeyCDN, a Switzerland based CDN is one of the very few elite European pure-play CDNs in the market today. In three short years, KeyCDN has amassed an impressive list of 2,800 customers, with only eleven employees on board. Crossing the three year mark is important because it validates the CDN business model. KeyCDN built its CDN infrastructure from the ground up, and has 21 PoPs running over IP Anycast. Currently, they have the standard CDN feature set in place, with plans to add more of the premium features sometime in the future. Jonas, the Co-founder has stated that KeyCDN is winning over new customers that have never used a CDN before, and also taking away customers from existing CDNs. A big thanks to the KeyCDN executive team for the interview.

Who is KeyCDN

KeyCDN was founded in 2012 by Sven Baumgartner and Jonas Krummenacher. We’re privately funded and based in Switzerland. From day one, we built our CDN platform from the ground up with high performance architecture in mind. We only partner with the leading data centers and service providers around the globe. Our mission is to offer the fastest possible content delivery and video streaming experience on the planet, which is reliable, secure, and priced competitively.

Are European online businesses familiar with CDN

In Europe, I would say that some companies use CDNs. However, the industry at large are not using a CDN. At one point, CDNs were too expensive for the small and medium size business, but now CDNs like KeyCDN offer an affordable solution. We are educating enterprises of all sizes on the benefits of using a CDN service. Our customers consist of European companies new to CDN, and those that jumped ship to our platform.

What are some of the concerns European companies have 

In most European countries, online businesses are concerned about privacy issues, specifically where logs are stored. The other concerns are centered on security, ease of use, and performance.

Why would an ecommerce site use KeyCDN

We offer a robust platform that is easy to use, starting from the sign up process, all the way through deployment, and support. We decided to make everything simple and easy to use, for both the technical and non-technical user. Also, we are very transparent and don’t rely on gimmicky sales tactics to lure clients to our platform. There’s one global traffic price for everyone, and we don’t charge for silly things like HTTP requests. Key CDN offers all the standard features like Origin Shield, Custom SSL, token auth, reporting, instant purge, real-time logs, and much more.

What do you think about US based CDNs

The US based CDNs are a major driving force in the industry today and extremely innovative. Some European CDNs are not investing much as their US counterparts in the innovative feature set, but at KeyCDN, our mission is to be the best platform in Europe and the world in the next few years.

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