Distil Network’s Mission To Conquer The World of Bots


Distil Networks continues to push forward on its quest to conquer the evil bot empire. Bots come in all flavors, from the basic dummy bots that bounce from place to place trying to find a home, to the bots developed by Intelligence Agencies around the world that are taken right out of a James Bond flick. Distil Networks has been around for four years, and in that time they have made tremendous progress, raising $17M, and signing up big brand names like Aol, StubHub, Reuters, EasyJet, DowJones, Manta, Wall Street Journal and Staples. In addition, they continue to ramp up head count, especially in the very important R&D department. With sixty plus members on staff, and more being added regularly, Distil Networks is on a trajectory to double or triple revenue in the next twelve months.

In terms of the business model, Distil Networks made the smart choice of focusing on bots, content scrapers, spam, fraud, and brute force attacks. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, offering everything from DDoS to WAF to DSA and so on, Distil is laser focused on a high value security niche. Currently, Distil has the best best bot mitigation technology in the entire ecosystem, blocking more than 48.6 billion bots, which is growing at a billion plus per month. The 48B is a heck of a lot of bot signatures to keep track of, but they have done it effectively, and that’s the reason they have the customer roster CDNs would be willing to die for. As a point of reference, there is another company that specializes in bots by the name of Shape Security, but for some reason they decided to focus on appliances, when everything is cloud now. We give Distil a thumbs up for developing an appliance and cloud service. Here’s a cool white paper written by Bizety and sponsored by Distil Networks. Check it out.

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