Is ZENEDGE The Fastest Growing Startup in Our Ecosystem


Last week at Velocity, we had the opportunity to meet up with Laurent Gil, co-founder of ZENEDGE, a cybersecurity startup headquartered in Los Angeles. ZENEDGE is a cloud-based security platform built on global infrastructure, focusing on Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS Mitigation. They came out of stealth mode in early 2015, and have a thousand web properties on their platform. In addition, ZENEDGE is working with Telco’s and Government Agencies around the world. When it comes to startups, they usually crawl first, then walk and finally run, but ZENEDGE skipped the crawling phase, and sprinted from the get-go.

According to Laurent, he stated the following: “our rapid growth is a direct result of our razor-sharp focus on addressing today’s cybersecurity challenges for organizations around the world. Our Cloud-based hosted service eliminates the need for any upfront hardware investment, coupled with our 24×7 security operations acting as an extension of our customers’ IT team, delivers a winning combination.” The core innovation powering the ZENEDGE technology is the self-learning Web Application Firewall (WAF) and state-of-the-art DDoS mitigation platform. It’s self learning, because it uses advanced algorithms that baselines network activity and behavior, and then determines the next steps in defusing attacks.

Behind the scenes at ZENEDGE HQ are dozens of highly talented security engineers, with a decade of experience running complex, around-the-clock operations. Laurent mentioned that “ZENEDGE helps clients customize their individual WAF settings, whether a customer has a dozen properties, or much more. ZENEDGE’s mission is to offer the most effective and robust security solution in the industry, built from the ground up to meet the customers needs. Also, we specialize in warding off complex multi-vector security attacks.”  Lastly, he concluded by saying “the reason ZENEDGE wins against the competition is because of the quality of our support and service, which is tailored for each and every customer.” ZENEDGE is definitely a rising star in our industry, and we can’t wait to see them disrupt the old guard security companies in the coming years.

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