Rev Software, #2 Most Disruptive CDN Business Model for 2015


Rev Software has been nominated as the #2 most disruptive CDN business model for 2015. Rev Software is a pioneer in the RAN CDN segment, being one of the first start-ups to focus on content acceleration and protocol optimization within the RAN and wireless networks. The key feature that makes the Rev Platform different is their SDK product. Not only does Rev offer next-gen CDN caching services, but they also provide a mobile SDK product for customer’s mobile applications. The SDK is an easy to install product that turns any mobile application into a hot rod, and minimizes the high latencies that are prevalent within the RAN environment.

Once the mobile device is loaded with the Rev SDK, it becomes CDN enabled, helping Rev exercise more control over protocol optimizations within the RAN and wireless last mile. In addition, Rev provides more in-depth RAN based reporting than the competition, including intricate data streams on mobile network conditions. Thus, Rev controls content delivery from the CDN PoP to the cell tower to the mobile device. This is what we call a very innovative idea. The Rev SDK product is similar to Twin Prime, Kwicr, and Packet Zoom, however, Rev has a global CDN PoP infrastructure that ultimately makes the difference, in that they can deliver content over wireline and wireless networks. We give the Rev Software Team a big standing ovation for their positive contribution to the CDN Ecosystem.

Rev Business Model

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