Quick and Dirty – Appcito Business Model


Appcito is new to the CDN Ecosystem, but its business model is fascinating. In a nutshell, Appcito takes the CDN feature set, condenses it, and installs it right next to a business app running within a Docker container / VM. Instead of building it’s own expensive CDN PoP infrastructure, Appcito opted to utilize the existing global PoP infrastructure of Amazon, Azure and/or Google. Appcito isn’t even an application, but a combination of services that make things happen via API calls / web services. What happens when there are thousands of VM’s and Docker containers spread across multiple zones in many regions? The most obvious answer is that things get complicated very fast. However, Appcito gathers a handful of CDN services, and pops it into each container, whether its one or ten thousand. Let’s give Appcito a hand of applause for coming up with such a novel idea.


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