Prediction: Fastly Will Surpass Level 3 and Limelight In 3 Years


Fastly Will Soon Be In the Tbps Club

Fastly, the inventor of the SuperRack is not only one the fastest performing CDNs on the planet, but also likely the fastest growing CDN in the bandwidth metric. The bandwidth metric (95/5%) is usually one of the most confidential metrics for a CDN. Rarely does a CDN announce the number publicly, because the bandwidth metric shows the world the State of the Union for that CDN. Once the bandwidth metric is known, the monthly recurring revenue can be guesstimated. Fastly, being who they are – have nothing to fear but fear itself, and that’s why they plaster the bandwidth metric on their home page. The screenshot is a bit small, so here are the numbers on the image.

  • Origin RPS: 171k
  • TTFB: .083
  • Hit Rate: 88%
  • Bandwidth: 635Gbps

Over the last last sixteen months, Fastly’s bandwidth metric has grown 3.8x. That’s “Phenomenal” for a CDN start-up.  My prediction is that Fastly will join the Tbps Club by year end, and surpass Limelight and Level 3 CDN in three years. Limelight and Level 3 are pushing somewhere in the 4- 6Tbps+ range. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s exceedingly more difficult to grow bandwidth from 0 to 1Tbps, then 1Tbps to 5Tbps, because at 1Tbps – everyone in the world knows who you are. Name recognition is everything to a CDN.

Fastly’s Bandwidth Growth

  • March 2014 – 166Gbps
  • June 2014 – 280Gbps
  • June 15, 2015 – 635Gbps
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