CDN Ecosystem Diagram v18


Bizety is presenting the latest CDN Ecosystem diagram, and this version is a complete re-arrangement of the previous one. The diagram reflects the latest changes; EdgeCast is no more, as it is now Verizon, and the RAN based CDNs continue to push forward in their first year of business. For the CDN start-up, the first two years are the most critical phase of the business lifecycle, as it will determine whether a CDN thrives or not in the later years. On the Amazon front, the biggest piece of news is the Amazon DDoS Mitigation Service, in that it still doesn’t have a DDoS Mitigation service yet 🙁

Latest Updates

  • EdgeCast is now Verizon
  • 3 Telco CDNs: Verizon, Level 3 and Hibernia
  • Limelight has the scale of the Telco CDN, but it’ not a Telco
  • CyberSecurity CDNs are leading the charge in the disruption of the traditional security market
  • Aryaka Networks is the only B2B CDN with Private IP Global Network, and equitable caching policies
  • Amazon still hasn’t announced a DDoS Mitigation Service
  • CloudFlare is securing 2M web properties, according to it homepage

CDN Ecosystem Diagram 18

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