The Maturing CyberSecurity CDN Ecosystem


It’s been an interesting year for the CyberSecurity CDN business model, as new companies enter the space with their DDoS or DDoS+WAF security offering. There are a dozen CDNs providing this feature, and the number is growing every other month. CDNetworks is  latest one to roll out DDoS  + WAF. Instead of deploying Trustwave’s ModSecurity WAF across its CDN infrastructure, they decided to partner with Fireblade, and use the Fireblade behavioral WAF across its infrastructure. When CDNs build their DDoS platforms, most build on top of Arbor Networks or Radware. When it comes to WAF, CDNs usually select Trustwave ModSecurity, but now we can add the Fireblade WAF to the mix. Incapsula is the only CDN that has built its WAF and DDoS Mitigation / Scrubbing Center infrastructure from the ground up – wow!!! With a dozen players now equipped to handle the bad guys, we can break down the CyberSecurity CDNs into categories.

CyberSecurity CDN Categories

  • CyberSecurity Focused CDNs: 100% focused on offering the best edge security solution in the world
  • CDN w/ DDoS & WAF: CDNs that cater to a vast audience, including streaming customers
  • DDoS Only: Level 3 and Limelight have recently introduced DDoS Mitigation Platforms that leverage their massive CDN infrastructure
  • Decision Time: For some CDNs, its decision time. DDoS Mitigation is no longer a “nice to have” but “must have”


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