Business Models – Masergy, Level 3 and Aryaka Networks


Masergy Communications is shaking up the traditional network market, as it introduces an NFV solution that’s a first of its kind; enterprises now have the ability to download virtualized router + firewall functionality through on online store. The new product extends Masergy’s premised based offering, and adds an important virtualized solution that runs on commodity hardware. Masergy is using Brocade 5600 vRouter, Fortinet Fortigate-VM Firewall, and Overture Networks VNF Compute Node Platform. One big advantage of the new offering; customers don’t have to worry about buying and configuring proprietary premised-based hardware for each location in the WAN. As the WAN industry evolves, new business models are emerging; to date, there are three business models, as listed below.

  • Masergy: Virtualized router and firewall are available for download through an online store
  • Level 3: Traditional carrier offering MPLS, and cloud firewall, where all location traffic filters through the Fortinet firewall
  • Aryaka: B2B Private CDN that runs over standard Internet Ports; features include CDN + WAN Acceleration in the cloud

 WAN Business Models

Masergy, Level 3, Aryaka

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