Google Enters Cloud Security Market – Major Ecosystem Shift


The rumor is “Google plans to invest $100M” in CrowdStrike, which essentially locks up the startup for a later acquisition. If the investment materializes, it will mark a major shift in the overall cyber security business model. Back in April, we posed the question “Should Google Develop An Open Source WAF” and the answer was a resounding yes. Google took heed, and has taken a more drastic step, by investing in a mini-FireEye type company. We know how the story goes; overtime, Google will build vast insight and expertise into the advance threat protection business model, then buy the company, and finally deploy it on its vast global content delivery network infrastructure. Google is the Internet, and as the Good Stewart of the Internet that reaps untold billions in profit every year, Google has a big responsibility to make the Internet a safer place.

How to Minimize The Security Threat? Only Google Can

Let’s get real here, the FireEye’s and Palo Alto Networks of the world need help. The high profile hacks over the last few months puts the old adage of “How to minimize the threat” to shame, because the bad guys are winning and breaking into corporate networks at will. The problem is only getting worse; what is needed is Google. Google touches all parts of the Internet, including the lives of the bad guys. Google is the only company in the world that can single handily shift the balance in the favor of the good guys, and keep the bad guys out of the corporate network. Google is the “Universal Eye” that knows everything about everyone, from your favorite foods to your favorite games to your innermost thoughts, kind of scary in way; but drastic problems need drastic measures.


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