GAFAN Mafia Continues to Grow Like Gangbusters


Although Apple’s market cap dropped $37B from late April to late July, the GAFAN (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix) Mafia continues to grow like gangbusters, adding a cool ~$150B in valuation in the past three months. Their total combined market cap is $1.72 Trillion. The GAFAN club is the most exclusive club in the world, and the only requirement is you have to dominate your industry in a monopoly like fashion.

In the past three months, 1) Google has added over $100B+ in value 2) Facebook added $40B+ 3) Amazon added $20B+ and 4) Netflix added $10B+. Apple is the only disappointment in the group, but that’s what happens when you go Ebenezer Scrooge and hoard $203B in cash. The most impressive growth of the group is Netflix. Give them some time before they take over the world of entertainment. We’ll continue to keep track of this mafioso group, but in the meantime, job well done.



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