Ba-Boom! Fastly Raises A Cool $75M in Series D


Fastly is killing it, not only in the performance metrics, but also in money raised, adding a cool $75M to the war chest, bringing their total to $130M. The funds will be used to expand the global workforce, and build more of the expensive high performance servers and PoPs, which lead the industry in performance specs.

Fastly is on a roll, having recently signed up Target, an Alexa 208 web property, and one of the largest retailers in the nation. And if they can do Target, than they can pretty much do any other Fortune 1000 retailer with a major online presence. In addition, Fastly partnered with SoftBank in Japan, who was ranked the 86th largest company in the world on April 1, 2014.

Artur & Co. have come a long way in such a short period of time, a little over four years to be exact, going from zero to where they are now. Fastly is making history in the CDN books, doing things that haven’t been done before. With the new war chest, they have the ability to become the #2 CDN after Akamai if they execute like mad. Well done Fastly team, and a big congrats from the folks at Bizety. And Artur, please continue to do your speeches at Velocity and anywhere else, for they are the liveliest in all the land of tech.

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