The Incredible Progress of Limelight Networks


Limelight Networks has made incredible progress over the last two years. The progress came from two directions; first, LLNW managed to grow revenue consistently over the last four quarters, even though Netflix revenue disappeared. We personally thought this was an impossible task, but we were proven wrong. Second and more importantly, LLNW made incredible progress in developing a robust feature set, starting with Content Exchange, and then DDoS Mitigation & Web Application Firewall.

Once you add up LLNW individual features, its extensive, and includes License CDN, DSA, FEO, Cloud Encoding, DDoS Mitigation, Content Exchange, and few others. LLNW next investment needs to be in a RAN based offering. After that, go deeper into security. In addition, lets not forget that LLNW has a massive global infrastructure in place, which includes 20k+ servers in deployment, multiple Tbps of egress capacity, and deep penetration in the European and APAC markets. LLNW is setting the stage, and next year, we are going to see something very special from them.

 LLNW Metrics

  • June 30, 2015 – $43.7M
  • Mar 31, 2015 – $42.3M
  • Dec 31, 2014 – $40.7M
  • Sept 30, 2014 – $39M

LLNW Differentiators 

  • One of the largest CDN infrastructures in the world with 20k+ servers, multiple Tbps of egress capacity, and transit partnerships with dozen + Tier 1 carriers all over the world
  • Microsoft, Apple and other large global corporations are big LLNW customers
  • LLNW Content Exchange: Private B2B CDN Ecosystem that gives media and entertainment companies the ability to exchange large native mezzanine video files over a private network; file size vary from 10GB to 100GB+
  • Global DDoS Mitigation Infrastructure leveraging their massive CDN infrastructure
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