Cool Startup: PubNub


PubNub, a San Francisco based startup just raised $20M in Series C, bringing its total to $35M. PubNub defines itself as a Data Stream Network,  where they enable companies to sync their applications in real time, via WebRTC, WebSockets, SignaIR and Socket.IO. At the present time, they don’t accelerate or cache content like a typical CDN, however, we’ll classify them as a hybrid in our coverage, since they are similar to Twin Prime and Kwicr. Also, they don’t replace a CDN, but compliment them. Currently, PubNub has 14 PoPs in deployment, which is likely to increase, courtesy of the latest funding round.

Their business model is very intriguing, and over time we’ll study it more in-depth, as we are students of the game. PubNub has been around for five years, therefore, their business model is proven, and they are a leader in their segment. Based on our initial analysis, PubNub is very likely to get scooped up soon. That’s what happens when your technology is rock solid, and innovation driven. Lets give the PubNub team kudos for coming up with such an innovative idea.


  • Company: PubNub
  • HQ: San Francisco
  • Founded: 2010
  • LinkedIn Employee Count: 76
  • Founders: Todd Greene (CEO) Stephen Blum (CTO)
  • Product: Data Stream Network
  • Metrics:  They manage 3M real time messages per second and 100M devices per month. Support 70 SKDs for mobile, browser, desktop and server.
  • Customers: Yahoo, SAP, Ameritrade, Acquia, CBS, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and thousands more

Product Features

  • Stream Controller: enables the creation of thousands of persistent stream channels and groups
  • 14 PoPs that supports 2M messages/second
  • Publish, Subscribe and Push Notifications in real time via  WebRTC and other protocols
  • “Presence” feature detects audience size, who’s online and machine connections
  • “Storage” features stores message streams, archives them, and uses the data for reporting and auditing purposes
  • “Playback” feature replays back live events
  • Analytics: provides access to raw streaming data, real time maps and graphs, and correlates events
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