Cool Startup: Vimmi Communications


VimmiVimmi Communications, a four year old Israeli startup is an up-and-coming CDN focused on providing end-to-end video solutions to Network Operators and MSO’s. The founding team, Eitan Koter and Amon Sherf bring vast experience to the company, having worked for video delivery companies in the past. Together, they bring more than two decades of combined experience to the company. Vimmi is different than most competing solutions, because they offer a feature-rich, vertically and tightly integrated end-to-end Video CDN stack, which manages the entire video lifecycle, starting from ingest to preparation, transcoding, storage, delivery and tracking.


Company: Vimmi Communications
HQ: Rehovot, Israel
Founded: 2011
No. of Employees: 25
Founders: Eitan Koter (co-CEO) and Amnon Sherf (co-CEO)
Product: End-to-end fully integrated CDN and Video stack for network operators
Differentiator: Vimmi offers an extensive fully integrated stack, eliminating the need to use silo-based products with limited functionality

Vimmi vs Brightcove and VDMS

How is Vimmi different than a Brightcove and VDMS (Verizon)? Brightcove is a feature rich B2C platform for managing the video lifecycle, but they hand off the delivery of content to CDNs. At the other end of the spectrum, VDMS (Verizon) is an end-to-end video management platform that handles pretty much everything.

However, Verizon had to acquire Uplynk and EdgeCast to reach this point. Vimmi developed the entire software stack in-house, so its more tightly integrated, and enables them to offer more innovation driven features like an Orchestration solution. The Orchestration solution helps Operators manage existing video infrastructure, regardless of how many different products are used in the environment.

Product Features

  • Platform includes CDN + Content Management System + Preparation + Transcoding Engine
  • License CDN for Network Operators, MSO’s and Cable Operators
  • Feature packed: CMS, Media Asset Management, Billing and Payment System, DRM support, and security
  • Advanced analytics and financial reporting system built specifically to meet the needs of Operators
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