CDN Ecosystem Diagram v20


The CDN Ecosystem Diagram has been updated to reflect the addition of Comcast CDN and PubNub to our industry. Comcast CDN is the only Cable Operator CDN in the world that has built its platform from the group up with open source software. PubNub is a first mover in their niche, offering a very innovative service leveraging CDN infrastructure. PubNub is not a CDN, but you never know, anything can happen in the future, especially when you have tens of millions of dollars in the bank.

Ecosystem Updates

  • Addition: Comcast CDN is new Cable Operator CDN
  • Addition: PubNub introduces a new business model to the industry
  • Bitgravity changed to Tata CDN; Tata CDN added to Telco CDN segment
  • Addition: Vimmi is a new player offering robust solutions to network operators and large enterprises

Global CDN Ecosystem


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