CDN77 Rolls Out HTTP/2


CDN77, one of the leading European Pure-play CDNs just announced they’re fully supporting HTTP/2 across their global infrastructure. CDN77 currently has 28 PoPs, 3100+ customers and powers 8,400+ websites. I believe this makes them part of a handful of CDNs that fully support HTTP version 2 across the board. HTTP/2 borrows a lot from SPDY, and is a major overhaul compared to its predecessor HTTP 1.1. The interesting take on HTTP/2 is that some of these optimizations were once only available via DSA / ADN. According to RFC 7540, here are some of the benefits of HTTP/2:

HTTP Version 2

  • Allows multiple request per TCP connection
  • Fewer connections are needed to fetch content, thus minimizing latency
  • Quality of Service: Prioritization of request is now available, “letting more important request complete more quickly”
  • Basic protocol unit is frame: HEADERS, DATA, SETTINGS, PUSH_PROMISE, etc. are frames
  • Multiplexing of request is achieved via a stream technique
  • Server can push request out to client when it anticipates what the client might need
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