Comcast To Alter the Competitive Landscape of the Last Mile


Comcast is serious about altering the competitive landscape in the US last mile. First, they roll out a large scale 100 PoP Media based CDN across the US. Thereafter, they announced their plans to  upgrade the entire US Network footprint, starting off with 1Gbps, which will eventually support 10Gbps over time. In regards to deployment time frame, they’re “shooting for two years“.

What CDN Is Most Threatened By Comcast? Presently, Comcast poses no threat to anyone in the CDN Ecosystem. But in the next few years, as they expand their CDN workforce, and add more features to the platform, they will pose a competitive threat to Level 3. Level 3 is the other large scale Media based CDN. The cool thing about Level 3, they go on-prem via Vyvx, where they can mix and match CDN + Vyvx in their media offering. Thus, Comcast will be able to compete with Level 3’s CDN + Vyvx offering.

One major benefit that Comcast brings to the table that no one can, except Verizon, they are be able to cache content on their CDN, and deliver it over their own cable footprint to dozens of cities across the nation.

Comcast Network Footprint


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