Cisco vs Viptela – The Hottest SD-WAN Startup In The World

Is Viptela the next Palo Alto and Arista Networks

The word on the street is “Viptela is the hottest SD-WAN startup in the world”. They are winning large enterprise accounts left and right, including beating Cisco in the Gap account, with a 1400 site migration, although Cisco came in cheaper. Cisco dropped the ball a couple of times in the past. First, Palo Alto Networks (PAN), the leader of the Next-Gen Firewall movement, pulled the rug under Cisco. Next, Arista Networks did the same. Today, Arista switches are the go-to switch for powering high performance CDN infrastructures, and other large infrastructures. The Arista product is so good, it practically sells itself.

PAN and Arista have a combined market valuation of $19B, compared to Cisco’s $130B. The $19B isn’t chump change, amounting to almost 15% of Cisco’s total valuation. The billion dollar question is “will Viptela become the Third Musketeer” and do to Cisco in WAN, what PAN did to Cisco in Next-Gen Firewall, and Arista in high performance switching? Possibly. Is Viptela the hottest SD-WAN company in the world? I wouldn’t say they’re the #1, but their definitely in the top 4. One thing seems certain, Viptela has leaped ahead of the SD-WAN pack including VeloCloud, CloudGenix, Pertino, Glue Networks, etc. Singtel, a Viptela customer and partner would probably agree with the assessment. Disclaimer: “do not use this rant for investment purposes, since I got a B in finance”.

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