CDN Ecosystem Diagram v21


Here we go again, it seems the CDN industry is changing by the week, and its our job to keep an eye on it. Bizety is publishing CDN Ecosystem Diagram v21, which includes the new entrant to the industry “ClearSky Data”. The goal of the illustration is to capture the latest and greatest startups in the industry, and visualize how they relate to each other. ClearSky Data is a new business model, focusing on network storage. As we all know, the cloud storage market is huge, but also very competitive, even more competitive than the CDN space.

ClearSky differentiates itself from the competition with its CDN like PoP infrastructure. One of the primary pieces in the ClearSky product portfolio is the “on-prem” caching appliance. The appliance enables ClearSky to exert more control over the first mile, and last mile if its deployed in a WAN like environment. Our prediction is ClearSky will make its way to LA in due time, in order to target the big media companies. In the media space, there’s a need for storage of large mezzanine video files, which are unsuitable for S3 like environments.

Global CDN Ecosystem


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