Cool Startup: Lagrange Systems


Lagrange Systems (LS), a Menlo Park based startup is a new breed of company referred to as a Cloud-based Application Delivery Controller. They have raised $7.5M to date,  and seek to compliment or replace next generation CDNs in the areas of load balancing, caching, security and mobile content delivery. Their platform is called CloudMaestro, which was developed by two Ph.D.’s, Jay Smith and Vladimir Shestak, and Robert Shires. The CEO Sonal Puri comes over from Aryaka Networks, where she helped take the startup from idea to multi-million dollars in monthly revenue. The Cloud ADC niche is new to the CDN Ecosystem, and as such, we’ll track their every movement, and monitor the evolution of their business model. The big question we have for Sonal – can she lead Lagrange Systems to a billion dollar valuation before Aryaka Networks? Maybe.


Company: Lagrange Systems
Founded: 2012
HQ: Menlo Park
Raised: $7.5M
VCs: Mohr Davidow and Grotech Ventures
No. of Employees via LinkedIn: 18
Executives: Sonal Puri (CEO), Jay Smith (CTO), Vladimir Shestak (Chief Architect) and  Robert Shires (Evangelist)
Product: Cloud-based Application Delivery Controller

Product Features

  • Product / Platform is called CloudMaestro, which offers ADC, Caching, Security and Mobile Optimization capabilities
  • Caching: CloudMaestro caches static content and accelerates dynamic content acceleration via TCP/IP optimization
  • Load Balancing: Feature that provides application load balancing across servers
  • High Availability: CloudMaestro is fully redundant, enabling companies to deploy applications across multiple regions
  • Security: CloudMaestro provides DDoS Mitigation and WAF capabilities
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