CDN Updates – Sept 2015


MaxCDN Deploys TokuMX and VoltDB 

MaxCDN, the highly innovative next-gen CDN based in the City of Angels is breaking all sort of internal records. They’ve doubled headcount over the last year, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they do so again over the next twelve months. Revenue growth has been consistent, and they continue to add reputable customers like, who pushes 40TB per day / 1.2PB per month. In order enhance the customer experience, MaxCDN has deployed the big data analytics application TokuMX based on MongoDB, which enables the ingest of hundreds of thousands of records per second. A few months prior, MaxCDN deployed VoltDB, “the leading in-memory SQL database that combines streaming analytics with transaction processing in a single, horizontal scale-out platform”.

Akamai and Predictive Video Over Cellular

On July 2015, an Akamai Director of Product Marketing mentioned that Akamai is “planning to ease the load off the Internet” through a feature called “predictive video over cellular”.  Akamai is working with partners that will enable them to “preposition” video on the mobile device. In a nutshell, Akamai will be able to predict the videos that mobile users plans on watching, based on historical usage patterns; and once the video is identified, Akamai will push it to the mobile device over the network during non-peak hours before it is viewed, in order to reduce cost and enhance the customer experience.  The feature would be killer if and when it happens.

Palo Alto Networks Predicts $2B Sales in 2 Years

According to Wells Fargo analyst Gary Powell, the CEO of Palo Alto Networks (PAN) Mark McLaughlin “claimed revenue would breach $2B in 2 years” in organic growth. In 2014, PAN recorded $598M in sales, and over the last eight quarters PAN’s “sales growth has ranged from 46% to 59%” with 4/30/15 earnings coming in at $234M. Analyst consensus for this is $900M. Whether PAN can reach the $2B mark in two years is not the question, the question is how can the Security focused CDNs cross industry lines and grab some of that PAN growth.

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