Cool Startup: DiviNetworks


DiviNetworks, an innovative IsraeliĀ  startup providing Next Generation Network Optimization solutions has raised $15M in venture capital, and has more than 100 deployments around the world. They cater to Network Operators, ISPs, CDNs, Data Centers and Global Cloud Providers. DiviNetworks offers de-duplication and compression services, which enables providers to improve network capacity from 25% to 40%. The two main products are DiViCloud and DiviLink, which compliment existing CDN services like DSA + FEO + ADN. The products are easy to implement, and work at Layer 3. Upon activation, clients see immediate results, which are visible through an analytics platform. DiviNetworks expects double digit growth for the foreseeable future.


Company: DiviNetworks
Founded: 2004
HQ: Tel Aviv
Raised: $15M
VCs: International Finance Corp and Others
No. of Employees: 27
Founders: Barak Avitbul (CEO) and Hayim Shaul (CTO)
Product: Network and Bandwidth Optimization Solutions


DiViCloud: Intelligent cloud service providing de-duplication and lossless real-time data compression, reducing capacity load reductions by 25% to 40%
DiviLink: Software based product offering de-duplication and lossless compression technology
DiViPipe: Product that enables Network Operators to create and offer value added services to corporate clients in the areas of Network Analytics and Traffic Management

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