Cool Beans: CloudFlare Raises $110M Venture Round


Matthew “Prince said he blushed when he first saw” the term sheet offered by Fidelity / Microsoft / Google / Qualcomm / Baidu pre-investment. If we were in his shoes, we would more than blush, we’d have a heart attack from the excitement. Congrats to Prince and Company. CloudFlare has come a very long way in the last few years, not only making leaps and bounds improvements in the platform, but also making boatloads of profit in the process.

Of the list of investors mentioned above, the one that pops out the most is Google. Perhaps, CloudFlare is the bridge to China’s large population for Google. In terms of industry impact – that requires a few days of thinking. However, one thing is for sure, ChinaCache, China Net Center and CDNetworks, here they come.

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