New Subscription Service Starting on Mon 9/28

On Monday 9/28, we’re launching a new monthly subscription service for $100 per month. Subscription includes:
  • Full access to all Research Reports
  • 2 Research Reports per week; each report is 750 words
  • Focus is on analyzing trends, business models, competitive strategies, disruptive features, pricing, startups, market segmentation, and more
What’s the difference between Subscription and Blog?

The good news – we’ll continue to publish 2 post per week for public consumption, where each post will be 2 paragraphs in length, with the exception of CEO Interviews. Everything else, including Ecosystem diagrams will become a part of the subscription service.

This format enables us to serve two demographics: 1) visitors interested in just scanning for the latest news and 2) companies interested in obtaining high quality research for strategic decision making. The reports coming out in the first week are on Akamai’s Competitive Strategy and the New CloudFlare.

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